In Spring of 1999, I was walking my dogs on the LG Creek Trail one Saturday morning when a large group of people came jogging past me then another group wearing the same t-shirts walked passed me. There was this guy who was race walking, too. I had always thought of myself as a fast walker, but there was no way I could have kept up with him! My attention was caught! I went home & tried to get information about this group but could find nothing, but their name stuck in my mind – San Jose Fit.

Some years later, I found information about the group I’d seen on the trail that day & learned they were a half & full marathon training group. I had secretly wanted to try running a marathon for years but had been busy raising my children. I made it my goal to join San Jose Fit as soon as my youngest child graduated from high school in 2009.

April of 2010 was the beginning of my love of going long distances on my feet whether running, walking, hiking or backpacking. Though I haven’t been with SJF for all of the last 11 years, my heart has been with the group, & I’ve volunteered in some capacity every year. I’ve made amazing friends & accomplished goals I would never have achieved if not for the encouragement & camaraderie of my fellow Fitters.