Coach Fernanda, San Jose Fit’s Core Class

Fernanda Perdomo-Arciniegas started running in 2017 after the death of her mother in August as a way to cope with the grief of her absence. Running gave her peace, solace, and the time to remember her mother but also contributed to increased pain on her knees, lower back, and hips. So after suffering through two really painful 10K, she followed the advice of her friends, and looked online for a running club to help her out. That is how in April of 2018, she learned about San Jose Fit and immediately joined. During the 7-months plus of San Jose Fit training, Fernanda learned running techniques from her coaches and team mates. She also started reading more about conditioning, strengthening, and proper nutrition. Thanks to all these efforts, Fernanda's knee/hip/back pain is gone and only the soreness of a good run stays with her.

As  San Jose Fit’s Core Class Coach, she will be sharing all she has learned with you so you can enjoy running as much as she does. Fernanda is a proud single mother who has two strong, smart and beautiful daughters, ages 18 and 9.