I joined San Jose fit in 2018 with a goal to complete a marathon and I did complete my first marathon in the same year with the help of structured training and encouragement I got from San Jose Fit. Running has become my lifestyle and it helps me stay healthy and Fit. I have completed many races and trail runs after Joining San Jose Fit.

Structured training plan,  In-person training, encouragement, precious tips and company I got from the experienced coaches and fellow runners is amazing and trust me I don't think  you can get this from an “online search engine results”.

I have got so many friends through San Jose Fit and now I never have to worry about running alone, I always find somebody interested to run the same race/trail with me, making my runs memorable. Running long distances helps me find my inner peace and boost my confidence. Find out what running can offer you by training and running a race with the San Jose Fit family.