Before joining San Jose Fit in 2010, my longest run had been less than 5 miles. The idea of running a marathon seemed crazy, but I was a little curious about training for a half marathon.  On the day of the San Jose Fit orientation, I intended to sign up with the half marathon training group, but at the last minute I decided to get crazy and just try training for a full marathon.  I still recall the excitement of each new distance we achieved that first year of training.  Since then I have successfully completed 10 marathons, 5 50ks, and too many half marathons to count.  I am grateful for all of the friendships, knowledge and inspiration I have gained by joining San Jose Fit.  Being part of this community of runners helps motivate me to get out of bed for morning runs, train consistently, and achieve goals that I previously did not think were possible.  I look forward to sharing my experience to help you successfully achieve your running goals and enjoy the journey along the way.