Red Team – Pace Intervals: 6 minutes run/1 minute walk.

I worked for the firm that started the Chicago Marathon, did a promotion for a client sponsoring the 1st U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in 1984, and ran my first marathon in Paris 1987 where my longest distance was 6 miles. No kidding! It took me 7 more marathons to beat that time.

I introduced my four brothers to marathons in 1994 when we all completed the New York City Marathon. My twin, Dave, and I completed marathons in all 50 states in 2014. We ran the Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon in June 2018 after climbing the 19,000+ foot mountain the day prior. Only three more continents left to complete all 7.

I’m scheduled to run Berlin Marathon in September, which will complete 4 of the 6 Majors – only London and Tokyo remain.

Most exotic marathon: Great Wall of China

Hardest: Pike’s Peak

Most fun: Anyone with family, now that my sister has begun.

Come live the adventure with me.