Running was never something I wanted to do for fun. Until, I met a young lady when I was in High School that ran marathons. Then I wanted to run as far as a fast as she could to impress her. That didn’t work out, but I loved the feeling of running long distances. During college I ran a few times a week from West Vally College to IBM on Cottle Road to get to work. Until 2008 I had never trained for an organized running event. While training with SJ Fit in 2008 through 2012 I ignored the coaching and continued to get injured just before completing an event. Giving up all hope until 2014 of being a Marathon runner. I did complete one Half Marathon in 2012. I rejoined SJ Fit in 2014 thanks to my wife and volunteered to coach in a Half Marathon group as a sweep to force myself to go slower, walk, and listen to the coaching. Now I’ve run several Half Marathons and at least 3 Marathons without injury before getting to the start line. I love running and helping others to achieve their goal to run.