I started running in high school when our cross country coach let 7 girls join the boys cross country team since there was not a girls league at the time.  I continued to run for fun during college, as it helped me deal with stress.   After college I ran less as life got busy with work and family.   In my late 30’s I took up running again.   I did several 10k’s and then decided to try a half marathon.   But I did not train properly and it was a disaster since I did absolutely everything wrong.  I then came across a sign in the window of a Los Gatos shop advertising San Jose Fit and decided to join. That was in 2003.   I ran and coached until 2012 when I had to have knee surgery. After healing from my surgery,  I broke my foot and had to take another year off from SJ Fit. The doctor advised that I should not run anymore.  So in 2014 I came back as a walker.   I found out that you can still get a great work out walking.  Hope to see you all out there!