I joined SJ Fit in 2012 with the encouragement of a colleague, and in that year I ran my very 1st marathon in Morgan Hill. I thought that would be it but fast forward to 2021 and I already completed over 60 marathons and an ultramarathon. I’m on the quest to finish a marathon in every US state. I am 3 states away and I hope to finish my 50 States Marathon journey by 2021. When I joined SJ Fit is when I really had a chance to learn and train how to run. I started with the Red Group and moved to Yellow Group and to the Blue/ Green Group. I became a better runner year after year after being part of SJ Fit. I learned a lot from my coaches and fellow runners. I hope that I can motivate and share my experience and knowledge that I acquire from the years I have been running. I always like the quote, “Run Your Heart Out in Every Mile” - author unknown.