I started running with San Jose Fit in 2002 with the yellow 9 minute/mile group and finished my first marathon that year. Since then, I’ve run well over 30 marathons and 5 or so 50km races.

I started coaching in 2004 and my wife, Zoë, joined shortly after that so that she wouldn’t be a marathon widow. Now we both leave the kids at home on Saturdays and get a little time away from being parents. However, you give me the slightest clue, I’ll yack your ear off about kids!

These days I only run occasionally with San Jose Fit on Saturdays, but you may see me coaching anywhere between 7:30 and 8:45 pace. However, I rarely miss the Monday hill runs, the best part of training, so I’ll see you at Rancho!

I also tend the website, so if you see an issue, please email me.

My PR is marathon is 3:24 and I’m aiming to qualify for the Boston Marathon sometime in the next two years.