I started casually running in the late ‘70’s, ran the Chicago Marathon in ’89, tore the plantar tendon off my heel and got a lot of shin splints and stress fractures. After that I just ran around the neighborhood and some 10ks until 2005 when I was introduced to San Jose Fit. My 1st year I was training for a marathon and tore part of my hamstring off at the top attachment point. Though barely able to walk, I still showed up on Saturday mornings for the lectures, because, in the few months I’d been with the group, I had made a connection. These complete strangers kept me focused and encouraged, and lined me up with knowledgeable, caring professionals who now have me back up and running after many years. Over the years with Fit I’ve been a pace coach and a head coach. I do enjoy races, but a tree lined trail is my happy place I love sharing with others.