I joined USA Fit - San Jose in 2009 and started as an assistant coach in 2021.  I have run many marathons and ultramarathons including 1x125 miles race, 8x100 miles races, 20x100 Kilo-Meters races, 11x50 Kilo-Meters races, 36 marathons, and 22 Half Marathons. Many of these races were completed in rugged mountain terrains in severe heat or cold conditions. My most favorite race was the 2021 Western States 100 miles endurance race - which was the ultimate goal of my life, so henceforth I live and run with the pure joy of living in the current moments without any expectations of any kind, I have also lead pace groups in several famous marathons including the San Francisco Marathon and the California International Marathon (CIM). I love running and playing with my beloved Coach Bill Dumothier at San Jose Fit and look forward to another great season and many more, so let's run and have fun 🙂