USA FIT San Jose is ready for you!

Welcome to the new season of USA Fit San Jose. USA FIT San Jose is designed for runners and walkers with the goal of completing the Rock 'n Roll San Jose Half Marathon on October 6 and Zombie Runner Halloween Marathon on November 2.

We start wherever you are.  Couch potato?  Seasoned marathoner?  No matter what your conditioning or pace, there will be others to train with. Over the course of 26 weeks, our coaches will help you achieve your personal best in a non-intimidating, fun and safe environment.  This year we will be training for the Morgan Hill Half Marathon/Marathon and Rock n Roll San Jose.

As a member of USA Fit San Jose, you’ll receive:

  • A friendly and supportive training environment where the focus is not only on healthy lifestyles, but also lifelong bonds and camaraderie. Once a “Fitter” ALWAYS a “Fitter”.
  • Experienced coaches.
  • Pace groups for different fitness levels – there is a group and a training program for EVERYONE.
  • Weekly schedules, track workouts, and hill running.
  • Informational seminars and weekly newsletters.
  • “No Whining” technical shirt.
  • Store and race discounts, and more!

26 weeks isn’t that long a time when you’re among friends all working toward a common goal. But the even greater benefit is what happens when you conquer your own personal challenges. Our members are fitter, happier, and mentally stronger than they’ve ever been before. Through this training, people change their lives forever.

So come on and join us! We’re saving you a spot.

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If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at


Where Do We Meet?

We have a new meeting location this season:
Raymond J. Fisher Middle School, 19195 Fisher Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95032