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Why choose us

What makes our program better than others?


We've helped thousands reach their goals. USA FIT has been successfully training people to reach the finish line for over 25 years.

Expert Advice

Our coaches are trained to help you safely and effectively walk or run to your potential.

Awesome Shirts

Show off in style with our creative and designer engineered tech shirts!

We love our runners

You show us love and we show it back. Why? Because we know that without you, our training programs just wouldn't be as fun.

We are everywhere

USA FIT spans across the U.S. We have programs in over 40 cities, from San Diego and Portland, to Tampa Bay, Houston and many more.


What really makes us best is our people. The camaraderie we offer is what takes you the extra mile and makes it easier for you to reach your goals.


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Bob & Janet Howard
USA FIT Cypress, TX
Dave and Judy Carney
USA FIT Temecula, CA
Ingrid Edlund-Berry
USA FIT Austin Walking, TX
Ranjit Bhaskar
USA FIT East Bay, CA
Sylvia Salas-Hinojosa
USA FIT Austin, TX
Becca Lopez
USA FIT East Bay, CA

About USA FIT San Jose

With over 25 years of experience in the field and across the U.S., USA FIT is bringing its proven marathon and half marathon training programs to YOU! Our groups and schedules were created to work for EVERY ability level and have successfully helped several thousands cross the finish line in major cities like Houston, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and Reno. Discover what makes our training experience unique and valuable, and join us in San Jose to finish a marathon or half marathon and change your life!